Podcast #1


can you buy doxycycline in india Join us in this introductory video as we share our passion behind Fierce Family and why we see the need for more discussion about families in our current culture.  We discuss how important the role of parents are as well as the church in how our children model culture.

Podcast #2

The Basics of Boys

Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we discuss the raw basics of raising boys.  You will laugh and cringe all at the same time but you will leave with the realization that you don't have to be a superhero to raise 1 or multiple boys but that it is very doable....and very fun.

Podcast #3

The Special Needs

The life of a special needs family looks very differently from most.  It can be hard, challenging and rewarding.  Join in on our conversation with these families as we hear how their lives are shaped by the special needs of their children.

Podcast #4

Work + Mom =

How do working successful working moms get it all done?  How do they make dinner and have energy at the end of the day?  How does God feel about moms working?  How do husbands feel about a working wife?  Join us for all of the answers to these and other questions from true working moms whom I'm blessed to call friends.